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The skin barrier is the body’s first defense against bacteria and environmental damage.

Not only does the skin barrier protect the entire body from bacterial invasion, it also holds in precious, life-giving water. In the same way a brick wall is built, the skin barrier forms a “brick and mortar” with the Maltese Cross structure. These molecules create a lipid layer that creates a physical barrier against outside attack.

When the lipid layer is damaged, bacteria can invade, and natural moisture levels are depleted. Damage can come from many sources — sun damage, cheaply formulated skin care, diet, genetic disposition, and more. Regardless of the source of damage, the results are the same. On a molecular level, the Maltese Cross molecules become misshapen and need healing to restore their shape and reinforce the “wall” so that it can once again protect the body.

ATOPALM Multi-Lamellar Emulsion (MLE) is a scientifically advanced recreation of your skin’s natural Maltese Cross molecule structure. Under a microscope, the natural skin barrier and MLE are identical in both appearance and function. By reproducing this cellular structure and formulating superior skin care products to introduce it deep into the layers of skin, the damaged Maltese Cross molecules can be repaired and strengthened, healing the skin from deep within.

ATOPALM is a clinically-proven treatment for many skin conditions caused by a weakened skin barrier, including but not limited to eczema (atopic dermatitis), rosacea, chronic sensitivity, and many more. Choose ATOPALM today to repair and support your skin barrier, and reap the benefits of healthy, beautiful skin.