Collection: ATOPALM MLE Kids


ATOPALM Kids Face Lotion Contains Double Guard technology to Protect Children's Skin From Sun and Environmental Toxins

The Earliest years of life are whene the damage done by sun exposure and environmentals toxins set the course for the skin's condition in the adult years. Skin needs the majority of protectiong and care before the age of sixteen when it is most vulnerable. ATOPALM, K-beauty's foremost brand for dry and sensitive skin, has launched ATOPALM Kids Face Lotion with New Double Guard technology for Skin Barrier recovery formula to give young skin the extra protection it needs at the earliest age.

Since children spend a great deal of time outdoors, exposed to the sun's rays and to environmental toxins, their skin can benefit from the higher level of ATOPALM's unique ceramide repair structure that reinforces the skin barrier with the exact ceramide structure of a healthy skin barrier, specially adjusted for the needs of children's tender skin. This creamy lotion features a DOUBLE GUARD FORMULA. Contains Saccharide Isomerate, a natural moisturizing agent derived from raw sugar. It helps guard against moisture loss and maintains skin balance by actually distributing moisture to where it is needed most.

The second special element of this lotion is PURE ACTIVE EXTRACT. A combination of Coconut Oil, Vanilla Fruit Extract and Candelilla Wax. This highly concentrated moisture complext works to keep skin protected against external elements. Infused with Wheat Sprout Extract and Broccoli Sprout Extract which protect children's sensitive skin against the effects of cold or heat. The sweet, light fragrance is derived from various flower and plant oils contained in the formula.