Our Mission

My Mission to heal and protect your Skin.

Dr. Raymond Park is an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur whose expertise in product development has earned him worldwide recognition over the last three decades. He has worked with Dr. PM. Elias for long time to develop skin barrier formula and new skin care routine. His hallmark achievement in dermatological science has been to develop the MLE Maltese Formula, a bio-identical skin barrier formula that mimics the barrier of natural healthy skin and allows for protection from outside elements including allergens and dry conditions.

Now, big data and clinic-level personalized skincare are two of the biggest trends in skincare. To meet the growing demand for better and more effective skincare, ‘at-home’ skin diagnostic devices need to perform at clinical levels.

Dr. Park has been on the cutting edge of this trend. His research and findings on the skin barrier have played a key role in developing the skin Barrier device, a diagnostic tool that consumers can use at home to track their skin barrier’s hydration levels and know exactly what type of product and how much to use to meet their skin’s specific needs.

While the main application of the device is for beautiful and healthy skin, we also hope to increase the home use of the device for people who suffer more serious issues from dry and sensitive skin. The skin barrier is very important to diagnose problematic skin condition such atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne skin, and aged skin. This device and skin barrier formula can be used to manage, monitor, and even help prevent many kinds of skin problem.

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